Take Part in a Buffalo, NY Tradition

Take Part in a Buffalo, NY Tradition

Bring your loved ones together at our family restaurant

Tired of cold, impersonal restaurant service? Give Margie's Soul Food a try. Our family restaurant is known for exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Our owner opened Margie's Soul Food years ago with her grandmother. Since then, our family-owned restaurant has become a local favorite in Buffalo, NY. We've been featured several times in The Challenger Community News.

Don't just take our word for it. Visit us today to see what makes Margie's Soul Food a go-to local restaurant.

You're not just a customer - you're family

Looking for a great restaurant experience in Buffalo, NY? Our family-owned restaurant is the kind of place where:

  • The cooks know your name and ask about your family
  • Your kids will have a good time and find a dish that they like
  • The staff will chat with you and offer recommendations

Visit a family restaurant where everyone feels welcome. Share a meal with your loved ones at Margie's Soul Food today.